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    The concrete application of calcium

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    Calcium hydroxide in all areas of use One, the specific application 1, calcium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide sewage treatment in the wastewater can neutralize free acid in waste water. 2, calcium hydroxide in the waste water to neutralize the acid waste water salt. 3, calcium hydroxide in wastewater, including hydroxyl ions can react with metal ion in the calcium hydroxide sediment production does not dissolve in water. 4, calcium hydroxide in the wastewater, can adjust the PH of the wastewater to alkaline, so that we can better make metal hydroxide precipitation. Second, the concrete application of calcium hydroxide agriculture agricultural use it to reduce the soil acidity, improve soil structure; Pesticide bordeaux mixture is made from lime milk and copper sulfate aqueous solution according to certain proportion. The sky blue sticky suspensions for fruit trees and vegetables pesticide, is through the copper coin have to eliminate pests. Not only use the properties of calcium hydroxide can react with copper sulfate, and also the characteristics of the use of calcium hydroxide slightly soluble in water make solution viscosity, is advantageous to the solution attached on the foliage. In addition calcium hydroxide and carbon dioxide from the air reacts slightly soluble in water of calcium carbonate, but also to solution for a period of time will not be attached to the plant surface water washed away. Application of the three, calcium hydroxide and flue gas desulfurization is mainly used to neutralize sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide, and a small number of fluorine ion and acid gases, such as chloride ions, the emission of flue gas sulfur content conform to the environmental protection standard. Four, sugar-making technology application of calcium hydroxide in the process of sugar with calcium hydroxide to neutralize the acid in the syrup, and then pass into the make the rest of the calcium hydroxide precipitation filtering out carbon dioxide to reduce the sour taste of sugar. Five, the calcium hydroxide in coating application calcium hydroxide and carbon dioxide from the air reaction to produce calcium carbonate, white and hard can help setting. Sixth, the application of calcium hydroxide in the metallurgical industry In this industry for coating on metal surface to remove the metal plate surface impurities (including metal oxide), so need to use dilute sulphuric acid to remove. Production process of wastewater treatment with calcium hydroxide to neutralize. Seven, the application of calcium hydroxide in leather manufacturing industry Mainly used for the comb leather technology of leather manufacturing industry. Eight, the application of calcium hydroxide in refractory material At the time of silica production, calcium hydroxide can be used as an additive, enhance strength and viscosity. Silica brick SiO4 contain not less than 96% of the amount of silica as raw materials, adding mineralizer (such as iron scales, lime milk) and bond (such as molasses and sulfite pulp waste liquid), the mixing, molding, drying and firing system. Nine, calcium hydroxide in food applications Due to the strong activity of calcium hydroxide, loose structure, widely used in food additives.

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